Input Survey
Objective of Input Survey
     The main objective of the survey is to generate data on consumption of various agricultural inputs, according to major size-groups of operational holdings, viz.,      marginal (below 1 ha .), small (1- 1.99 ha.), semi-medium (2- 3.99 ha.), medium  (4- 9.99 ha.) and large (10 ha. and above), for getting an insight into the consumption pattern of inputs by various categories of farmers. This information is vital for planning production, imports and distribution of fertilizers. The inputs covered in the survey include chemical fertilizers, HYV seeds, pesticides, farmyard manures/compost, bio-fertilizers, agricultural implements and machinery, livestock and agricultural credit besidesdata on input use including use of certified/notified seeds, high yielding variety seeds, pest control measurements adopted by cultivators, educational qualification, age and size of households of operational holders are captured through Input Survey.  
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National Informatics Centre (NIC) Agriculture Census Division, DAC